Lawyer Monthly - March 2023

Please tell us a little about attitudes towards dispute resolution in the Japanese legal sector. Are alternative methods of dispute resolution (ADR) growing in popularity against court litigation? Traditionally, most legal disputes between Japanese companies were solved either before Japanese courts or by voluntary settlements between the parties privately. With the increasing number of Japanese companies doing business globally, the forum for dispute resolution for Japanese companies has slightly shifted from Japanese courts to international arbitration. In litigation before Japanese courts, the parties need to present their case in Japanese, which becomes 70 LAWYERMONTHLYMARCH 2023 I observe that more Japanese companies have begun taking ADR, and especially international arbitration, more seriously. The Growth of Japanese Dispute Resolution Thought Leader The COVID-19 pandemic and the launch of the JIDRC have created a significant shift in uptake of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods in Japan. Yoshie Midorikawa, partner at Miura & Partners, provides her own insights on the Japanese ADR landscape in this article. What developments are on the horizon for this year?

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