Lawyer Monthly - September 2023

14 LAWYER MONTHLY AUGUST 2023 Skilfully Tackling Burn Injury Cases CASEY LOTT Personal injury claims comprise one of the largest areas of law worldwide, and not without good reason. In the US alone, thousands of auto accidents and medical malpractice lawsuits are opened each day. Just as serious (and, frequently, lifechanging) as these are personal injury cases involving burns – and this is a niche where Casey Lott, managing partner at Langston & Lott, holds specialist knowledge. In this article, Casey takes us through the ins and outs of burn injury cases, drawing upon a wealth of personal experience gained by representing many clients in this area. From an analysis of the dangers posed by unreliable smoke detectors to a look at the burn injury cases that proved most formative for his career, Casey provides an incisive examination of this vital area of personal injury law and shares a glimpse of where Langston & Lott is looking to further expand its expertise. I know you handle all types of personal injury cases, but you have developed a niche for burn injury cases. What are the most common incidents that cause burn injuries? We probably handle more propane explosion cases than anything. Propane explosions are much more common than people realise. We have also represented people who were burned by hot liquids or toxic chemicals. Defective products like e-cigarettes or portable propane cylinders can explode and cause severe injuries. Home LAWYER MONTHLY SEPTEMBER 2023

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