Lawyer Monthly - September 2023

MY LEGAL LIFE 23 can and do suffer and die, their bodies ravaged by cancer (my cases mostly involve chemicals that cause cancer). The science demonstrates this catastrophic causal chain. What these powerful chemicals do in the factory – for example, kill living microbes in a sterilisation process, or pulverise industrial grease and grime off a new machine being constructed – proves that they have no place in the human body. Who in their right mind would think it acceptable to release such chemicals into the environment in such a way that humans, including especially vulnerable children, would one day breathe them, drink them, or shower in them? In these cases, I file lawsuits, using the courts and laws to seek justice and compensation for my clients and send a message about how polluters must pay a price for continuing their reckless conduct. Over the last 23 years, my colleagues and I have forced polluters to: • perform thousands of tests for contamination throughout the community, including tests of the water and air inside homes; • clean up the soil, air and groundwater they have contaminated; Regulators often react only when a toxic chemical has proven unsafe to a community.

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