Lawyer Monthly - September 2023

It is estimated that almost 200,000 lawyers ply their trade in the United Kingdom, where the legal sector is worth around £32 billion according to 2021 figures. How, then, can firms attract and retain the best talent amid the hustle and bustle of the Bar? If you work in HR or recruitment, it will not have escaped your notice that candidate demands are changing. From hybrid work to higher-quality perks, potential employees are confidently setting out their personal requirements during the hiring process. Talent also has a tendency for temptation, with a growing trend for some to be snaffled by better offers even after they’ve accepted an original offer. And there is something else afoot. The pandemic caused a more specific shift in employee preferences and priorities, with many seeking work that aligns with their personal values. Today, nearly two-thirds of employees say the pandemic caused them to reflect on their purpose in life, while almost half have reconsidered the kind of work they do. Employees now want a deeper connection with their organisations, where their personal brands authentically overlap with the organisation’s values. This is why more and more companies are investing in their employee value proposition (EVP). Employers Are Taking Note of EVPs An EVP sets out a platform where it is not just the rewards and benefits 34 LAWYER MONTHLY SEPTEMBER 2023 Special Feature For any law firm looking to compete in the race for top talent, it is vital to offer the right incentives to prospective hires – and for many firms, that means creating an employee value proposition (EVP) that aligns with their priorities. Richard Barrett, managing director at Initials CX, explains what makes an EVP and why it is essential to the modern organisation. Time for Law Firms to Widen Their Brief with an EVP A good EVP should be ownable and possess the ability to excite and motivate.

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