Lawyer Monthly - September 2023

About Richard Barrett Richard Barrett is a marketing and communications specialist with more than 20 years’ worth of experience aiding a range of B2B and B2B clients. Richard prides himself on applying lateral thinking to marketing problems and mixing rigour and experience with data and research to perfect his own creative output and that of his team at Initials. About Initials CX Initials CX is a London-based total customer experience agency that blends insights about offline behaviour with the modern tech-led reality. With a team boasting expertise in branding, commerce, content and technology, the firm has served clients including household names such as Harley Davidson, Nature’s Bounty, Walkers and Dulux. Contact Richard Barrett Managing Director Initials CX 4th Floor, Lion Court, 25 Procter Street, London, WC1V 6NY, UK Tel: +44 02077 477400 E: grasping the EVP opportunity with notable success. Linklaters is a good example of a firm that created an EVP to good effect. In a transforming sector – not to mention the world beyond it – that was being disrupted by technology, different candidates were needed to fulfil updated and emerging legal roles. When all firms were competing to attract such expertise, it was key to reverse the viewpoint to understand what talent wanted from law firm roles. Multiple focus groups, as well as interviews with candidates and other industry stakeholders, gave Linklaters the fuel it needed for a new EVP that reflected the changing requirements of the market. Strong EVP messaging was the bedrock of the EVP, utilizing such phrases as: “Linklaters lawyers don’t just embrace the change, they direct it” and “…those who join will never stop learning.” Thanks to the EVP, the firm’s reputation as a graduate employer improved over several years. Glassdoor scores for Linklaters rose by 8% in two years and applications from female lawyers – a key objective for the firm – have also increased. As the world of work continues to evolve, legal businesses must adapt to meet the changing needs and priorities of employees. A successful EVP must not only be authentic and wellcrafted, but it must also be brought to life within the organisation, actively permeating every aspect of its culture and operations. By simplifying and clarifying the company’s values and fostering a strong value exchange, organisations can create a powerful and meaningful EVP that resonates with employees. Get it right, and firms and their workforce can unify to adapt for the new era of work and pull together so that the scales of success start to tip in their favour. An ideal EVP development process involves both top-down and bottomup approaches. While it is essential for the management and executive teams to have a clear vision and purpose, it is equally important to engage with the workforce to understand their individual priorities and motivations. In a hybrid working environment, open communication is key to ensuring that the EVP resonates with employees and aligns with their values and expectations. Moreover, as employee priorities shift towards seeking purpose-driven work, businesses must ensure their EVPs reflect these changes. When employees perceive their organisation’s purpose as meaningful and connected to their personal values, they are more likely to be engaged, committed and willing to put in discretionary effort. How Law Firms Can Court Success with an EVP Firstly, legal companies that have not already begun to think of themselves as brands must do so. Some of those that place brand front and centre are SPECIAL FEATURE 37

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