Lawyer Monthly - September 2023

Safeguarding the Livelihoods of Auto Accident Victims Auto accidents are among the most common causes of serious injury in the US, with even mild collisions often leaving lingering damage. The injured party is often left in a highly vulnerable position in the aftermath of such an accident, yet time is of the essence in securing their due compensation. Highly experienced personal injury attorney Steven Jacobson elaborates on the challenges faced by injured parties in this article, explaining how empathetic counsel should negotiate with insurance providers with a view to serving their clients’ best interests. Expert Insight EXPERT INSIGHT 59 In a broad sense, how common are auto accidents in your jurisdiction, and what effect have you observed them to have on the lives of your clients? In Illinois, the most recent data reflects over 300,000 reported crashes, with close to 90,000 injuries. Not every car accident results in injury, but all it takes is one accident, one vehicle, or one distracted driver to change your life forever. The impact these accidents have had on our clients has been significant. Discussing claims with clients always reminds me how fragile we are as individuals. In an instant, someone’s lack of attention or aggressive driving can change a life forever. Big accidents or small accidents, we have seen a client’s entire life be turned upside down because of the injuries they suffered. Injuries do not have to be catastrophic to impact every aspect of someone’s day-to-day life. Having a broken ankle means you cannot pick up your toddler or play with them when that is all they want you to do. Mundane things, like getting dressed in the morning, taking a shower, or even sleeping comfortably, become extremely time-consuming, challenging and frustrating. It is a domino effect that can impact marriages, life savings, and employment.

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