Lawyer Monthly - September 2023

an insurance company is a business. Their goal is to make money, for their owner or for their shareholders. They best accomplish this by not paying claims or paying significantly less than the true value. I always say to clients that if insurance companies did half of what they promise to do, I would be out of a job. Unfortunately, the insurance companies only care about one thing: their bottom line. The insurance companies will ask for a statement where they ask multiple questions about how an accident happened and the extent of any injuries. Studies tell us that the majority of people, when talking to strangers, will downplay the extent of their injuries, because they do not want to be viewed as complainers. This creates an incentive for the insurance adjuster to get a statement from an injured party as quickly as possible. If you are not properly represented, they will use this information against you. Today, insurance companies will state that they will pay all medical bills related to an incident and send the injured party an agreement to sign. What the insurance adjuster will not tell the injured person is that the agreement gives them the right to refuse payment for anything they deem not reasonable or necessary. Never sign an agreement with an insurance company unless you have had the agreement reviewed by an attorney who specialises in injury law. Insurance companies have hundreds of lawyers, yet they spend millions in advertising telling you that you do not need a lawyer for your injury claim. We think that is not playing fair. Having an aggressive attorney who will do what is best for you and your family will level the playing field. How can the aid of a skilled attorney help to make this process as painless for an auto accident victim as possible? When an individual has suffered an injury, the most important thing they need to focus on is their health. Recovery can be extremely timeconsuming, frustrating and challenging. Every time you feel like you are taking a step forward, you end up taking two steps backwards. Between dealing with the physical conditions and the emotional strain of being unable to do the activities you used to do before your injury, the last thing you want to deal with is an insurance company trying to take advantage of you. The first thing we tell our clients is that they need to focus on their health, and we will take care of everything else. The attorney’s role includes keeping the insurance company updated and informed as to the progress of your treatment, ensuring that the bills are not sent to collections, making sure that all of the records and bills are submitted to the insurance and demanding the maximum compensation from the insurance. If the insurance is unwilling to pay the true value, then file a lawsuit immediately, hire the right experts where necessary and keep the case moving. Sometimes, quick action is necessary to preserve evidence, like EXPERT INSIGHT 61 Never sign an agreement with an insurance company unless you have had the agreement reviewed by an attorney who specialises in injury law.

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