Lawyer Monthly - September 2023

obtaining red light camera footage or hiring an expert to perform accident reconstruction, where it might be uncertain who is at fault for the accident. Every case is different, but knowing what steps to take and when to take them is the greatest skill. What should a skilled auto accident attorney do to make sure that their client’s health and interests are best protected following an incident? Get the medical care and treatment that is needed! Most injuries, if treated timely and appropriately, will not leave lasting effects. However, no amount of money will make a person feel better if they have a life-long injury, especially one that could have been addressed. The client needs to ensure that they receive the treatment they need to achieve a full recovery. The attorney needs to make sure the client knows that no matter the amount of the bills or the extent of the treatment, the bills will be resolved and the client will be compensated for what he or she went through. Some people are afraid to receive the treatment they need and will wait until the pain is so bad that they cannot function. Ironically, insurance companies and their attorneys often use this as an indicator that the person’s pain could not have been that bad, since they did not run to the emergency room immediately afterwards. When the topic comes up, I tell clients: “Do whatever you need to do to get healthy; my job is to ensure that the insurance pays for what you are going through.” Do you have any advice for less experienced auto accident attorneys on how to deliver the best possible standard of support for their clients? I would tell less experienced attorneys that they need to focus on the clients and not their bottom line. Our client base has successfully grown over the years, because we take the extra time to talk with our clients and always do what is in the best interest of the clients. If the client is able to walk away from this horrible time in their lives happy with your representation of them, then you have done something right. I would also remind any attorney in the industry not to be afraid of the insurance companies. Always protect your clients’ interests, no matter how big the obstacles. Very often, insurance companies representing defendants are determined to settle claims for less than full value, because other attorneys are unwilling to invest the time and resources to take a case to trial. Do not be afraid to fight insurance companies at trial or refuse an offer of settlement if it is not in your client’s best interest . How are fall cases or premise liability cases handled in your jurisdiction and what advice would you give someone who is involved in a fall accident? Generally, the law requires property owners to take reasonable steps to 62 LAWYER MONTHLY SEPTEMBER 2023

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