Lawyer Monthly - September 2023

Can you share some of the pathways available to talented entrepreneurs or businesspeople seeking a visa for immigration to the UK? We tend to discuss the following categories: Innovator Founder – This new category combined and replaced the Start Up and Innovator categories. It is designed for entrepreneurial talent looking to establish an “innovative, viable and scalable” business in the UK, where the individual has generated or significantly contributed to the idea. The applicant must obtain an endorsement from a Home Officeapproved endorsing body which assesses the prospective business against the “innovative, viable and scalable” criteria. As part of this, applicants must provide an original business plan showing how the business meets market needs, the skills held to set up and run the business, and scope for job creation in domestic and international markets. Applicants must also provide evidence showing they have access to sufficient funds to start the business in the UK. Successful individuals should be eligible for settlement after holding permission for a period of three years. Global Talent – This category is not specifically for entrepreneurs, as all types of work arrangements are permitted. It can be used by highly skilled individuals who are leading or upcoming talents in the field of science, engineering, humanities, medicine, digital technology or arts and culture. There is another endorsement process with significant supporting evidence required demonstrating track records in innovation, recognition in their field of work, significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contribution, and/or exceptional ability by academic contributions. Depending 70 LAWYER MONTHLY SEPTEMBER 2023 A Guide to UK Immigration for Exceptional Businesspeople Thought Leader With the UK Immigration Rules subject to regular change, what should entrepreneurs be mindful of when it comes to applying for entry to the country? This month we hear from Doyle Clayton partner Malini Skandachanmugarasan, a leading lawyer in the UK immigration space, on the various avenues available to overseas talent – and how the UK can make itself more attractive to investment and aspiring businesspeople from abroad.

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