Lawyer Monthly - September 2023

In your experience as a personal injury attorney, where and under what circumstances are accidents involving electricity most likely to occur? Most cases we have handled involving electrical injuries stem from a construction site or work activity. There is a percentage that occurs in residential settings. However, we have found that construction and maintenance activities are the most susceptible to electrocution. Maintenance and general operations seem to be a common thread of electrical injury cases in manufacturing. When a worker comes into contact with a live current, someone has not followed the safety rules. Often, electrocution occurs because of a lock-out, tag-out violation, or workers that were not or improperly trained. We have had wrongful death cases involving electrocution where a product was defective. The product cases may involve a defectively manufactured product. Some of our cases involve electricians who have not done the work correctly and have left a dangerous situation. What injuries can contact an electrical source cause? What is the typical severity in cases that you see, and how life-altering can they be? Most of our cases have involved a fatality. Coming into contact with a power source can easily be deadly. It is usually the lucky one who survives an electrocution. Those who do survive can have significant injuries that take a very long time to recover from – if they can recover. Why is it critical that a post-accident investigation be conducted when an electrical source is involved, and what are the steps involved? It is absolutely vital that an initial 74 LAWYER MONTHLY SEPTEMBER 2023 How Electrical Injury Cases Are Litigated Thought Leader Electrocution is a safety hazard present in many workplaces and construction sites, and is consequently a frequent cause of personal injury litigation. Greg Baumgartner speaks with us in this article, identifying common contexts for accidents involving electricity and sharing more insights that he has gained from a successful career as a personal injury attorney. Contact Greg Baumgartner Founder Baumgartner Law Firm 6711 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Houston, Texas 77069 Tel: +1 281-587-1111 E:

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